Friday, March 12, 2010

Fun Study...

This is a character design for an old Chinese poem I'm illustrating. I found a book with whole bunches of armor designs from all the different Chinese dynasties, which proved to be very helpful reference.

I threw down a quick color study in my moleskin, which is probably the most amazing fun I've had in my sketchbook in a long time! This is only about an inch by two inches using acrylic and colored pencil, a quick technique I was taught that I know I'll continue using. Hope you like!'


  1. AWESOME NEW POST RILEY! really like this sketch:)

    your work gets better and better all the time.
    keep on posting.

  2. Seriously, my favorite thing ever is discovering the perfect reference book for something i'm working on.

    I love all the new stuff you've put up this week. I really wish i was in that class, i'm feeling like i need to be challenged more.

    by the by, there's an artist on deviantart that posts really cool character design challenges, a lot of them remind me of the stuff you do:

    i've been thinking of trying out some of the shape ones when/if i ever have any free time again.