Thursday, February 11, 2010


I didn't realize it'd been so long since my last post! sorry to the three of you who visit. So far I haven't really posted much "finished" work...mostly sketches and here are some illustrations I've done since my time at RMCAD.

This guy's my most recent illustration, finished just the other day on my laptop. For my Illustrating Literature class we were assigned the story The Ransom of Red Chief by O. Henry. Great story and a lot of fun to visualize. This is what I suppose the cover might look like. I would encourage you to read the story! It would be nice to hear some feedback on whether you feel it works for the story or not...and it's just a good read anyway. I'm finding I really, really like narrative illustration.

The Ransom of Red Chief

This next one was done for my conceptual illustration class. The article talked about how the cells that make up our bodies are outnumbered by the bacteria living inside us. So here is my human apartment building, my first illustration fully realized in Photoshop. Wheeeee!

Apartment Dude

And finally an ink drawing I did in my first semester for my Intro to Illustration class. We were simply asked to portray an animal of our choice doing a some human activity. For some reason I liked the idea of a croc as a detective of some sort. He kinda reminds me of Sam from the Spawn comics I read growing up.

Detective Croc

Hope you like them!


  1. great stuff. i'll read that book so i can get a better grasp of what you were thinking about. hope it's pretty short! where was the fisherman picking up the ocean?

  2. maybe i'll show you how to draw girls if you can show me how to um..i dunno? be good at art?

    but seriously, i like your big dudes with bulbous noses. The Red Cheif illustration is pretty swell to..i love the mood and lighting. Okay. I've changed my mind, if you can show me how to do that then i can "show" you how to draw girls.

  3. FINALLY! Your latest piece is super duper good.

    i look forward to seeing more of your artwork :)

  4. Been waiting for these! Makes me want to read the is really good work Riley! Dad says to tell you it's pretty stinkin' awesome!