Monday, March 15, 2010

Murderous Old Coot

Here are some designs for an illustration I did for an old murder mystery. It was a really great assignment! We were given the mystery, but not the answer. Using whatever clues we could discover in the text we had to figure out who the killer was, his motive and method. Naturally I hit hit the nail on the was Doctor Ionescu, with a jagged knife. What a rotten old meanie.

Another cool thing about the project: the story was set in Romania, one of the few countries I've been to outside of the U.S. It was great doing research, lookin at old photos.


  1. love the dude wearing the hat, the one without a stache. he's sinister!

  2. Wow Riley, these are super nice. Ultra slick man! Way to be, see you at life drawing tomorrow!

  3. AWESOME RILEY! i hope i pick up some of your talent next time your home as well!

    great exploration...keep it up buddy

  4. such personality in your character sketches!