Friday, January 2, 2009

Dr. Livingstone, I Presume?

Let's see here...this first drawing was done for my friend Rebekah Hiskey, who is heading out to Montana to attend Youth With A Mission. The drawing is of David Livingstone, a missionary who lived a pretty radical life in Africa. I enjoyed stylizing him because he seemed a bit rough around the edges, though i was a little kind in cleaning him up a bit. This was really my first swing at any sort of typography in a drawing, I like the 'S' but my cursive is a bit lacking. I hope you like it Bekah!

This next one is a memory sketch of a kid i saw waiting in line at the mall. I seriously didn't caricature him enough...his jacket was this huge, puffy, neon green thing. His hair was straight as an arrow and hung all over the place. His pants hung down around his exaggeration, his butt cheeks were literally hanging out of the back of his pants. All the way. And it looked like he was wearing a couple of those bright orange life preservers on his feet. I could have exaggerated this one way more, but it was fun to draw anyway.



  1. Dude, you are getting so freakin' amazing with the illustration. I wish I had twice your talent. Er, I mean half. Either one would be nice. But twice your talent would be like 4 times more than half your talent, so that would probably be better, though half your talent would still be really amazing. Keep it up little brother!

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  3. I LOVE it, ry. Thank you so much. You never cease to amaze me..

  4. YES!! im "pumped" like the old reebok high tops that you started posting on your blog.

    ill be back..mkay.

  5. Truly amazing talent. I want to see MORE POSTS!