Sunday, January 11, 2009

Fun with Conte

Alright, some kinda-new drawings. These first two were done the last day of lifedrawring class...i felt it appropriate to end the semester with a bit of fun so i attempted some caricatures. The first, i felt, was nice but wasn't pushed as far as it could have been, so i really went for it on my second go and played with big basic shapes. The second one actually looks more like the model...unfortunately the only factor that suggests they are the same person is the rad facial hair. Fumanchu...go!

This last picture was our final project. We were supposed to combine the anatomy of two different animals with human anatomy. Based on the examples our teacher showed in class and the discussions i heard around the room i realized making 'scary' and sci-fi creatures was sort of the general direction everyone was going to take. Sooo, i decided to go cute and cuddly. i live with two little daschund weiner dogs so i figured i had that going for me as far as research goes. Meet my human/weiner dog/ humaweinerphant. or something.

oh, all of these were done with Conte on 18 x 24 newsprint. fun stuff.


  1. sweet sassy molassy! great stuff bro! keep it up....

    i also love your humanweinerphant...

  2. Love it! Super cute and cuddly! :)